Install Malware Detection on Ubuntu and VestaCP #maldet #ubuntu #vestacp

  • Install Malware Detection on Ubuntu and VestaCP #maldet #ubuntu #vestacp

    We’ve all had a website or a server compromised before. If not, we’ve probably not been in the game too long. While VestaCP doesn’t have malware detection built in, it’s easy to add to your server and setup daily scanning. SSH into your machine and a few simple commands will get you up and running: […]

  • #ChicagoVPS, a short review after two weeks

    When I decided to start testing Odoo two weeks ago, I decided that instead of Linode‘s $10/month 1 GB RAM KVM SSD VPS, I would shop for something a little more inexpensive. I could’ve gone with DigitalOcean’s $5/month 512 MB RAM droplet, but during my shopping around I found that ChicagoVPS had a 5 GB […]

  • #TVShowTime vs #Goodreads vs #MyFitnessPal … or Steve vs Wasted Time

    Recently I installed an app called TVShowTime to keep track of what episodes I’m on of the shows that I watch, so I don’t miss anything. I noticed after a few check-ins that it shows totals for the time you’ve spent on these shows. I began getting curious for how much time I’ve spent watching […]

  • Android X86 4.4-r2 on the HP Split X2

    Let me start off by saying that I read the news today of a micro desktop computer that’s currently getting funding on Kickstarter and it’s running Remix OS. Remix OS is a version of Android that’s modified to work as a desktop OS, rather than a phone/tablet OS. It has a task bar, start button, […]

  • Installing Odoo 8.0 nightly on Ubuntu 14.04 from repository, plus monit

    Odoo Installation While I’ve been using Ultimate Client Manager to track leads and handle accounting for LocalPointMedia, I’ve hit the point that I need something with Android integration for not only me, but hopefully other consultants as well. I decided to give Odoo (formerly OpenERP) a try. Because it’s not as simple as uploading PHP files and […]

  • Linode KVM initial impressions #linode #kvm

    Linode recently announced the official release of KVM Linodes, which they claimed a significant speed improvement over Xen. I run a 1 GB RAM Ubuntu 14.04 instance running VestaCP for my websites ($10/month) and normally see 480-490 MB RAM used. I don’t run anything intensive so I don’t see much processor use, but I upgraded […]

  • [Free|Commercial] Child Theme Configurator plugin for WordPress

    Child themes take your "This theme is great, but …" and turns them into "This theme is great!" #wordpress — Steven Brady (@stevendbrady) June 7, 2015 That was my exact sentiment just earlier today. I recently purchased for myself a lifetime subscription to TeslaThemes and have been developing a few sites using these themes (my blog […]

  • Setup monit on Ubuntu 14.04 with VestaCP #ubuntu #vestacp

    One of the things I’ve noticed VestaCP is sorely missing is automatic restarting of stopped services. Moreover, if you install VestaCP on a VPS with 1 GB RAM or less, MySQL will fail. A lot. So I setup monit to monitor and restart services. And, since I made each service its own configuration file, I […]

  • Install apticron for Ubuntu update notifications #vestacp #ubuntu

    One of the few shortcomings of VestaCP is the lack of notification and control of system updates. It’s a very small detail, but one that can become a huge security risk if you take a hands-off approach to your server. Who wants to or even remembers to check their VPS regularly for updates? Fortunately there’s […]

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