So I bought Ashlyne a Roku last year, and the one thing that discouraged me from buying more of them was the inability to stream live and recorded TV from my Windows Media Center to it. Every couple months I search for solutions, don’t find anything worthwhile, and shelf the idea. Last week I finally […]

The family and I went on Saturday night to an independent wrestling show, held by ACW and BTW, called Chaos in Carroll County 2. It’s probably the first live event I’ve been to in a decade, and oh how I missed it. We went primarily to get pictures with Jake “the Snake” Roberts, but we […]

We’ve been having a scheduled FTP job hang up, and it’s holding up tons of other processes randomly over the last few weeks. Frustrated by how much work it sometimes takes to fix the errors it causes, I made a simple script change to start the job, wait 30 seconds (since it generally takes less […]

I must say that this was just a great weekend. I don’t even have the words to describe it. First, it was a super relaxing weekend with no kids. While I do love the kids, it’s nice when they’re away and you can just relax and not entertain anyone or have them wake you up […]