#TVShowTime vs #Goodreads vs #MyFitnessPal … or Steve vs Wasted Time

Jul 17, 2015

Recently I installed an app called TVShowTime to keep track of what episodes I’m on of the shows that I watch, so I don’t miss anything. I noticed after a few check-ins that it shows totals for the time you’ve spent on these shows. I began getting curious for how much time I’ve spent watching the programs that I love, so I browsed the app for hours, adding anything that I’ve watched the complete series of (or at least complete seasons), adding them, and marking shows as read. The result is an astounding 7 months and 29 days. This doesn’t include any reruns, any shows I watched when I was younger, or one-off episodes of random shows. It doesn’t include movies, or rewatching movies. It’s just TV shows. And that number blows my mind. Mainly because I’ve watched shows like Seven Days, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Star Trek: Voyager, Chuck, and more more than once. I’ve watched each of those series a minimum of 3 times. I went to both Avengers movie marathons, and I’ve also seen each Marvel movie on its release day.

Let’s compare that to my Goodreads check-ins. My last check-in was December 25, 2014. I’ve gone 7 months without picking up a book for pleasure. This includes Bible reading (not trying to quickly look up a verse, or reading along in church, but actually sitting down with the Bible).

And we’ll look at MyFitnessPal. My last check-in to real physical activity was 2 months ago. Before that? 27 months ago.

I enjoy TV and movies. The home theater setup centered around my projector in the basement proves it. My tracked time proves it. But there’s definitely more to life than sitting in a dark basement with a zany television series to occupy my time. I know I need to shift focus. I also know it’ll be a slow process. I don’t expect it to change in a week or a month, but I need to get up and get out. I need to challenge my mind. I need to learn. I need a life outside of media, and I aim to find just that.

I don’t regret the time I’ve spent with my good friend, Chuck, but I do think it’s time I made new friends and had my own adventures again.


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