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rokuSo I bought Ashlyne a Roku last year, and the one thing that discouraged me from buying more of them was the inability to stream live and recorded TV from my Windows Media Center to it. Every couple months I search for solutions, don’t find anything worthwhile, and shelf the idea. Last week I finally found some software that would do it. While the interface on the Roku still leaves much to be desired, it’s a wonderful start and works rather well. With this interface you can also stream to a web browser. They have an Android client as well, but thus far I don’t see a ‘Live TV’ option in it.

First component is ServerWMC, which is available here. Set this up first and make sure Windows doesn’t give any weird errors before continuing. I had to change my port because stuff?

Second is MediaBrowser, available here. It does the streaming, and also allows you to setup your other media libraries on your WMC for streaming.

After installing MediaBrowser, goto its plugin settingsĀ and install the ServerWMC plugin to interface with ServerWMC.

Then install the private MediaBrowser channel in Roku from here.

MediaBrowser also has a NextPVR plugin, but I don’t use it. Presumably the same interface.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Should be up and streaming live TV to Roku in no time!

And for an actual guide to setting up MediaBrowser and ServerWMC (but not Roku), go here.


  1. just curious, with the above setup:

    (1) does it capture and transmit a closed captions track
    (2) does it let you pause live tv (as well as start a currently recording show from the beginning)

        1. I was wondering – how about pausing live tv

          can you pause it?

          also, can you start watching a currently recording problem from the beginning?

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