So I did it … I now have managed hosting … #cloudways #linode

Apr 19, 2019

For the last several years of all of my business ventures I handled management of my hosting myself. My hosting has changed companies depending on my needs, bouncing from Linode, Digital Ocean, Chicago VPS, and back to Linode. And I’ve used multiple control panels, including ISP-CP Omega, Vesta CP, EasyEngine, back to Vesta CP, and finally CyberPanel. And through it all I convinced myself this was the best for me, as I wanted the fastest service I could get for the cheapest amount of money.

And I’ve struggled with the security breaches (even though I’ve kept everything up to ate) and the lack of support bumbling through these issues. And it absolutely had to stop.

So this March I made the decision to change to a cloud managed VPS host after some of my sites hosted on CyberPanel started mysteriously getting errors. And I’d been looking at a few control panels for quite a while, including ServerPilot, ServerWand, Devoply, and Cloudways. And they all had their strengths. ServerPilot and ServerWand allow you to purchase the VPS you use, which was really important to me. Devoply seems to be more abandonware than anything, and I really liked the concept.

In the end I decided I needed more than just server management on my own VPS. I needed a support army to be available, should the situation arise. And this is why I went with Cloudways. I’m able to keep supporting Linode, which they allow deploying to, but they manage the VPS. It’s under their ownership. And I didn’t love this idea, but I gave in. And I’m thrilled that I did.

I signed up on Friday. I spent a weekend moving everything to Cloudways using their SIMPLE WordPress migration plugin. I shutdown my Linode on Monday. And I deleted my Linode a week later. And I love Linode, and I’m so very thrilled that some of my hosting money still goes to them.

Going into this, I knew that Cloudways was essentially a cloud control panel with some great support, but I wasn’t familiar with all of their features. I’m still not. But what I do know is you can easily copy a website to a staging environment. Once staging is setup, you’re free to work on your staging website without negatively affecting your live website. Ya ya, we’ve all worked with staging environments and plugins before. But the great thing about Cloudways is, because it’s integrated into the control panel, you can also push staging back to live. Without the need for additional software. It’s built into the platform. And it’s glorious.

I’m still exploring a month later, but know that I’m completely sold on their service. I’ve had to reach out to support, and received a resolution quickly. I love being a Linux admin, and I love open source software, but sometimes you just need more. And I’ve found it.

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