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So recently I discovered a newer Royal Farms station by my job that sells E85. When I originally bought my Durango, which is FlexFuel, I searched all around for E85 but I couldn't find it anywhere convenient (near my route). Today was officially my first corn-based fill up. Yes, while all those around me are buying battery-powered and hybrids, I'm trying to do my little part with what I have available to me.


Single sealed #pinetime running open firmware InfinityTime is now available for .99.

The amount of data that users let their smartphones spew to corporations is sickening, and this is a prime example of that. Even if this case was totally innocent, where did he get this data? Are you OK with anyone knowing where you or your children travel at all times?
By the time the pandemic hit, Aref Darzi and his University of Maryland colleagues had been working for three years on ways to use anonymous location data from cellphones to study where and how far Americans traveled.
Later in the article ...
Our data set didn’t tell us the home addresses of the cellphones, but there are some assumptions you can make. For example, what is the most frequent location where the phones are observed? The location where the device spends most of its time is going to be the home location. The same assumption can be made for the working hours of the day, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. We look at where the device is spending most of its time then, too.
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