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Last night I got to listen to the authors of Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery, got a tour of the facility, then had the opportunity to chat with the authors a bit. Hell of a time.

Nah, fam. I'm good.

🌎 DC Metro.

My response when I get a message with that little green thing from my wife.

I went to Brewery Fire the other day, and their mural inspired me to rewatch Firefly. Such an amazing series.

Got it! #PineTime has arrived. No initial thoughts, other than it's a beautiful little device.

So recently I discovered a newer Royal Farms station by my job that sells E85. When I originally bought my Durango, which is FlexFuel, I searched all around for E85 but I couldn't find it anywhere convenient (near my route). Today was officially my first corn-based fill up. Yes, while all those around me are buying battery-powered and hybrids, I'm trying to do my little part with what I have available to me.