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Rewatching Continuum. Really understand Liber8's distrust of corporations this time through. It's sad that they're portrayed as the villains. It's sad they have to act like villains.


I heart this so much.

Democrats unveil bill to ban online ‘surveillance advertising’

Replaced my Intel 8260 wireless card in my laptop to an older Intel 7265 and the random network issues just went away. Now I only need Comcast Xfinity to actually work correctly.

Was playing with the Deepin DE today. Really, really like the design, even though it's not that configurable. However, GTK apps are hella hard to read on it. Even though I loved some of the features, definitely going to have to stick with Gnome.

So it seems BackupPC has issues with samba 4.13, and no matter how much searching I did, I never found this bug report until Tuesday. Had to completely rebuild my backup server, as I was having trouble tracking down all the proper packages to let me downgrade to samba 4.11.

Surely I'm not the only one that immediately follows up new seasons of Cobra Kai with a How I Met Your Mother binge.

Oh, I just found out that the Free Bible Version was released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (BY-SA) 4.0 International license. That's awesome, and now my preferred translation.

Sitting at my desk humming Dragula, then realized how absolutely goofy I must sound. Metalhead problems, amirite?

In the US it's Drinksgiving if you are visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm drinking plenty of Peabody Heights dark beers (Aluna stout, Black Astrodon black IPA, Mount Clare porter). What's everyone else having for Drinksgiving?
@Steven Brady just had a nice Norton from 2012 from my favorite (now defunct) winery in Missouri. Cheers!
@JB Carroll Very nice! Sad for you that it's gone. Cheers! 🍺🍷

Been drinking all afternoon. Recorded my out of office message on the first try.

How bad was Lockwise for Firefox to just kill it? I barely used it, but it seemed decent for individuals.

Today a user had me trying to track down a 29 year old promotional coloring page for children. This document is older than some of our employees. No, I could not find it.

Me: I finally have Budgie set up perfectly!

Also me, same day: sudo apt install cinnamon-desktop-environment

Nearly a full year after our ransomware attack, we found another infected PC that had just been sitting on a desk, powered down.

I miss the days that search engines were specific. Even putting your query in quotes doesn't seem to work. Now they all suggest what I might've been searching for, and it just creates a lot of static.

I really hate Cloudflare and hCaptcha. I am human. I've clicked what feels like hundreds of pictures of airplanes and trucks and boats, yet I still cannot access websites that I pay for. This service is ridiculous. There has got to be a better way for websites to protect themselves.

I wonder who decided that, if I am to groom my beard, it should smell of sandalwood. No good grooming products at the store are fragrance free.

Once again saved by skater reflexes. Almost fell out of the attic after knocking my head off of a beam and rolled myself to a safe landing.

My response when I get a message with that little green thing from my wife.


Damnit, Disney, you made me want to watch something with Hawkeye in it.


My Xfinity Stream Beta isn't working on my Roku devices. I'm frustrated that Comcast's tier 1 support constantly asks me to reboot my TVs, but doesn't seem to offer much in the way of a fix. Then they file a ticket with tier 2, and I never get a call back. So a week into this new service contract and I still have no live channels on my TV.

The kid just called me old because I was reading the news. At least it was HackerNews?


No matter how sure you've migrated all your sites to a new server, deleting a VPS is still nerve-racking. Just nuked my #Vultr VPS and am now a #Contabo customer. Much, much faster, half the price.


After a couple weeks of experimenting with #Cipi, I've decided to stay with #Hestia. I was a huge #Vesta fan for years, and #Hestia is just too mature and too familiar to leave. They just have a solid community with multiple active developers and solid documentation. Migrating my sites was just so easy, I may give #Cipi a whirl in the future, but staying where I'm comfortable now.


I needed to enlarge the drive on a KACE VMware appliance today, after booting a Linux live CD, realized it was based on FreeBSD. GParted doesn't allow the resizing of ufs partitions. Grabbed myself a GhostBSD ISO and booted to do the job. I haven't used any BSD for years, but I will say this was a nice little distro with a beautiful, sleek MATE desktop. I don't plan on switching away from Linux (and POP!_OS), but if I did, I'd give this one a whirl.

I went to Brewery Fire the other day, and their mural inspired me to rewatch Firefly. Such an amazing series.

Remember all day breakfast? A sausage, egg, and cheese McMuffin any time you wanted. I really miss that.

Just spent the entire day immersed in IIS and the Alpha Application Server for IIS. And it makes me appreciate Linux even more.

This is frightening as hell, and why I do not communicate through any technology that provided by big tech. I refuse to willingly subject myself to surveillance.

I haven't seen an Opel in the wild in my 14 years in Maryland.

Got it! #PineTime has arrived. No initial thoughts, other than it's a beautiful little device.

Truly frightening how much our data is worth to these companies, and how much they know about us.


Today was supposed to be the day that my #PineTime arrived. However it's been forwarded because the box was mislabeled. I checked my email and it seems the address I typed was correct. @PINE64 how could it have been wrong? Does someone manually label the packages? I really hope it makes to to me, and doesn't get lost in the abyss of USPS.
Nope, it was labeled right. I guess it was a USPS error in shipping. Either way, my #PineTime arrived today! Too bad I am stuck at work.


As much as I hate setting up my personal phone, when I bought myself this Pixel 3a for Christmas I forgot to relock the bootloader after installing #CalysOS. I've spent the better part of the afternoon getting things ready for the relocking, and the reformatting. The good news is I've learned a lot in the last half year, and will be a bit smarter when setting things up.