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#: I'm Steven, a married liberal Christian # loving # who loves living in #, MD, USA. I've been a Linux user since SuSE 6.2, and have been running POP!_OS for more than two years. I joined the # on my own install of #. I care very much about personal and consumer privacy, and love helping businesses and organizations set up privacy respecting software, websites, and # (#?)


Apparently Tumblr is planning ActivityPub support. That's wild. I'm not sure there's anyone on Tumblr that I'd want to follow.


The current state of Twitter really puts my job into perspective. I had an awful day yesterday, and this morning, before coming to work, my happy thought was "At least Elon isn't my boss."


This week's episode of The Good Doctor was absolutely absurd from an enterprise IT standpoint. Why is the IT director responsible for all other facilities issues? Why does the IT director have no subordinates to help? Why does the IT director sit on the floor while the servers overheat instead of turning the damned things off safely? And why was there no uninterruptible power solution (battery or otherwise) in place to keep equipment online between outage and the generators turning on? Should this room not have its own independent cooling system? Those swamp coolers she made out of rubbermaid totes were not going to keep things cool. This was the worst episode since the one with the ransomware attack. #TheGoodDoctor

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Did you know that if you capitalize each word in a multi-word hashtag, #ScreenReaders can read them as words, but if you leave them lowercase, they can't? Well, now you know! So, for #accessibility, please capitalize words when there's more than one in a hashtag.

#MastodonTip #TwitterMigration
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Huh, had no idea, will try to remember, good tip!
I didn't, but that's great to know. I normally try to capitalize my hashtags, but now I will be certain to do so.

Thank you, Elon, for the influx of fediverse users who will never know I exist.

I feel like maybe I'm starting a lanyard collection. From now on, if a cool event didn't give me a lanyard, it didn't happen.

Sayboard 2.0 (previously Vosk-Voice-IME) was released, and it looks to be completely overhauled.

I'm really not sure why I've been distro hopping so much lately, but at the office I'm on Debian 11.5. I did the Gnome install, but I'm running Budgie. The EFI boot is quirky, but overall it's a solid and speedy system.

Also, materia-dark-compact is quite beautiful.
And now I'm running Bookworm, because I needed a newer Budgie.

I just could not take the phone slowness anymore. Reloaded CalyxOS on my Pixel 3a and it's running like a dream.

Officially running Zorin Core 16.1 on the office computer.

When I'm running Cinnamon, I miss Gnome. When I'm running Gnome, I miss Cinnamon.

I just cannot get over how big of a blight Cloudflare is. It sometimes takes me 1-2 minutes to get to the actual 'protected' site. It really slows down the web.

Got my ticket for the Jailbreak Brewing Company Security Summit. I mean, a security summit at a brewery, why would I miss this?

It's nice being able to use paid apps from the Play Store, and some apps that didn't work on microG, but CalyxOS is definitely faster than Graphene OS. The phone just feels sluggish.

And I really miss all the extra features (tiles) that CalyxOS has.

Wild. You can use Coinstar + Coinme to convert spare change into cryptocurrency.

I switched from a Pixel 3a with CalyxOS to a Pixel 6 stock last week. Today I switched back to the 3a, this time with Graphene. The 6 is absurdly large. I hate massive flagship phones.

I'd love something 5G with a greater camera than this, but I hate Google's stock Android.

Submitted additional documents tonight regarding the asbestos abatement. Definitely hoping the ruling is in our favor and they reimburse me for the spending.

Now that deb-get 0.3.6 works on Linux Mint Debian Edition, I'll probably install LMDE on my test system and run it for a while.

Situations like this are why we need cryptocurrencies and self-hosted payment gateways. PayPal and Stripe have too much power over small business, and can ruin them at a moment's notice. BTCPayServer, Bitcoin, and Monero are the future.

I just can't understand a distro whose live image runs beautifully, but once installed, falls flat on its face. Like the GUI not starting, no networking, etc. What was the point of even test driving?
@Steven Brady Him, never heard of Budgie before! Seems like it's supposed to be another fairly lightweight desktop.
@JB Carroll I like it, even though it's not my primary DE.

Verizon Wireless' IVR says "We care about your privacy" and I call BS on that.

The Baltimore City Schools CONNECT newsletter is nothing but graphics. I cannot help but wonder if there's information in the newsletter that I should care about. But I'll always just wonder.

Last night I got to listen to the authors of Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery, got a tour of the facility, then had the opportunity to chat with the authors a bit. Hell of a time.

"Get to the choppah!"
- The police officers circling my neighborhood, probably

I'm still not used to seeing a ring light reflection in people's eyes.

Ever see something for sale and say to yourself, "Should I start a collection?" I do. It's always vintage circus posters. I have no idea why.

Personally, I use as much open source software as possible, and self-host whenever I can.

Professionally, I often lean toward proprietary alternatives when comparing them to open source software, as often their support is better, and the product is nicer. User experience often wins out here.

It's an eerie feeling when you get your Linux desktop setup perfectly.

Every panel. Themes. Icons. Applications.

Nothing left to customize. Now just time to work.

It's Monday morning and my body still hurts from Saturday's metal show. Absolutely no regrets.

Reformatting and reinstalling has become so much easier since deb-get hit the scene. It takes minutes to add software that I use daily, both open source and proprietary, and helps to keep things up-to-date.

I absolutely love Gnome/GTK apps, but I'm not a fan of the Gnome shell. I prefer both Cinnamon and Budgie. Yesterday I moved both my work and home laptops from POP!_OS to Linux Mint to enjoy a better Cinnamon experience.

People that tell me they have an issue, or send me a screenshot, but don't even ask me to help really drive me insane. I'm a coworker, please treat me as such.

As a VMware user for the last 14 years, I am really impressed by Proxmox VE, and am currently transitioning my home lab over to it.

Been home alone with COVID for a week. The first few days were rough. Now I'm just taking it easy and relaxing. Spent an afternoon trying to find the best way to play some retro games to pass the time in the evenings. Gnome Games (now Highscore) was absolutely the easiest, and my X-Box One controller was perfectly supported out of the box for NES and SNES.

I've been rewatching the only season of Braindead. In 2016 this show was hilarious, but it's even funnier (and more cringe!) after the last few years of US politics.