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Reformatting and reinstalling has become so much easier since deb-get hit the scene. It takes minutes to add software that I use daily, both open source and proprietary, and helps to keep things up-to-date.

I absolutely love Gnome/GTK apps, but I'm not a fan of the Gnome shell. I prefer both Cinnamon and Budgie. Yesterday I moved both my work and home laptops from POP!_OS to Linux Mint to enjoy a better Cinnamon experience.

People that tell me they have an issue, or send me a screenshot, but don't even ask me to help really drive me insane. I'm a coworker, please treat me as such.

As a VMware user for the last 14 years, I am really impressed by Proxmox VE, and am currently transitioning my home lab over to it.

Been home alone with COVID for a week. The first few days were rough. Now I'm just taking it easy and relaxing. Spent an afternoon trying to find the best way to play some retro games to pass the time in the evenings. Gnome Games (now Highscore) was absolutely the easiest, and my X-Box One controller was perfectly supported out of the box for NES and SNES.

I've been rewatching the only season of Braindead. In 2016 this show was hilarious, but it's even funnier (and more cringe!) after the last few years of US politics.

Last night I got to use my favorite feature of @Pop!_OS ... Refresh OS! I tinker. A lot. It's just too convenient that when I break things, I can just refresh my install to get back up and running without losing any of my personal data. Especially when what's broken is my primary laptop, which I need for work.

That new Plex Desktop app works great. Cringed while installing snap. I'll purge as soon as it's released as a flatpak.

CW: Uvalde, Texas

I really don't know how to wrap my mind around yet another mass shooting here in the US. Feeling heartbroken and overwhelmed.

All the pro-gun people say that if more people were armed we wouldn't have this type of violence, but isn't Texas heavily armed already?

Praying for every family and individual affected by this tragedy.

"The FBI searched emails, texts and other electronic communications of as many as 3.4 million U.S. residents without a warrant over a year, the nation’s top spy chief said in a report."


#: I'm Steven, a married liberal Christian # loving # who loves living in #, MD, USA. I've been a Linux user since SuSE 6.2, and have been running POP!_OS for more than two years. I joined the # on my own install of #. I care very much about personal and consumer privacy, and love helping businesses and organizations set up privacy respecting software, websites, and # (#?)

How did I not know Drop Down Terminals existed? Playing with Tilda and Guake currently.

Really loving this new Mastodon client for Android. Love even more that Mastodon apps work with Friendica. Thanks, Friendica.

Didn't find out about the Pop!_OS beta until it was late. Grabbed my laptop and jumped on it anyway. 😴

Sometimes the perfect Friday night is an Imperial Stout at a farm brewery and reading blogs from Hacker News with no distractions.

I really value having multiple computers. My main WFH machine runs Pop!_OS, but I distro hop my office laptop quite often. Just setup openSUSE Tumbleweed last week, and already reloading this afternoon.

Oh, and me being surprised at the end of each video that I had just enough bolts, even though the last two hours I thought I had too many.

I appreciate all the professional appliance repair and parts companies that produce high quality videos and make them available online. Much respect, as they've made maintaining my appliances much cheaper. I'd think about making similar videos, but I'd be that one schmuck with that one dryer that keeps breaking, and nobody needs every video to be me cussing cuz I keep dropping the same bolts each time.


I'm not a huge Verizon fan, but they just rolled out 5G home internet service to Baltimore, and I just signed up. This weekend I will be saying good-bye and good riddance to Comcast.

It's official, the vermiculate we had removed was Zonilite brand. This was a huge answer to prayer, as now we're entered into the processing queue for some reimbursement for the asbestos settlement.
@JB Carroll Not creating a problem just living in the house, but it was impossible to do anything in the attic without disturbing it. And I needed to get the attic reinsulated. They pay up to 55% of abatement and reinsulation, so hoping we get the max on that.
@JB Carroll It is! There was also more than $2k difference between the three quotes we got.

I laughed, then promptly lost, at passWordle. Unfortunately only has a Tweet button, else you'd get to see my score

This is infuriating. Yet another reason to distrust law enforcement. A person has a right to a level of privacy by submitting their DNA as a result of being a victim of rape.

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That is so wrong!
@poet1b Agreed. It's absolutely insane.

Recently switched to Manjaro Gnome on my work laptop, and have not enjoyed the polish of a GNU/Linux desktop this much since Foresight Linux. Still using POP!_OS on my home laptop, as I still love the installer and how it can refresh a system (even encrypted) and still leave user data intact without fiddling.


Rewatching Continuum. Really understand Liber8's distrust of corporations this time through. It's sad that they're portrayed as the villains. It's sad they have to act like villains.


I heart this so much.

Replaced my Intel 8260 wireless card in my laptop to an older Intel 7265 and the random network issues just went away. Now I only need Comcast Xfinity to actually work correctly.

Was playing with the Deepin DE today. Really, really like the design, even though it's not that configurable. However, GTK apps are hella hard to read on it. Even though I loved some of the features, definitely going to have to stick with Gnome.

So it seems BackupPC has issues with samba 4.13, and no matter how much searching I did, I never found this bug report until Tuesday. Had to completely rebuild my backup server, as I was having trouble tracking down all the proper packages to let me downgrade to samba 4.11.

Surely I'm not the only one that immediately follows up new seasons of Cobra Kai with a How I Met Your Mother binge.

Oh, I just found out that the Free Bible Version was released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (BY-SA) 4.0 International license. That's awesome, and now my preferred translation.