Proactively make migrating #VestaCP domains to different servers easy

Mar 26, 2016

VestaCP is a powerful and simple control panel. It runs fast on any decent VPS (I recommend Linode). But sometimes you outgrow your current space and want to move individual sites to new servers. Being proactive in this will save you time and headache in the future (as I’ve learned from personal experience).

  1. Do not setup domains under the admin user. Leave it for the default. That’s it.
  2. Create a subuser for each domain (or even subdomain, depending on how particular you are) you wish to setup. When you login to VestaCP as an admin user, you can easily switch to the appropriate user.
  3. Create your domain, subdomains, mailboxes, and databases under this user.

Why? Because when you setup a new server, you can migrate the individual user/domain to the new server without having to muck up your admin account and remove accounts that unintentionally migrated.

VestaCP has their own migration guide here, so there’s no need for me to go into any detail about restoring that user.

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