What I’m watching

What I’m listening to

What runs this website

What my tech runs

My apps and services

  • Mail: Tuta
  • Chat: Signal
  • Cloud storage (photos): Cryptomator encrypted on OneDrive
  • Cloud storage (documents), contacts, calendar, notes, to-do, bookmarks, RSS: Nextcloud, self hosted
    • Documents: Nextcloud clients from Flathub (computers) and F-Droid (phone)
    • Contacts/Calendar/To-do: Gnome Online Accounts on computers, DAVx5 from F-Droid on phone
    • Notes: Iotas from Flathub (computers), Nextcloud Notes from F-Droid (phone)
    • Bookmarks: Floccus on all desktop browsers, Nextcloud Bookmarks from F-Droid (phone)
    • RSS: Newsflash from Flathub (computers), Nextcloud News from F-Droid (phone)
  • Mesh VPN: Netbird
  • DNS: NextDNS


Last Updated: 20240130