Linode KVM initial impressions #linode #kvm

Jun 18, 2015

Linode recently announced the official release of KVM Linodes, which they claimed a significant speed improvement over Xen. I run a 1 GB RAM Ubuntu 14.04 instance running VestaCP for my websites ($10/month) and normally see 480-490 MB RAM used. I don’t run anything intensive so I don’t see much processor use, but I upgraded the moment I saw the announcement. It was easy, and now my VPS is hovering at 370-380 MB RAM used. Definitely impressed at the freed RAM, and I’m hoping for continued great performance all around. I’m not sure why the upgrade freed up the RAM (they explain the differences in virtualization technologies in their announcement) but I’m certainly not complaining. I’d encourage anyone running Linode to give the upgrade try.

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