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Part of Sprint’s marketing system trying to market Sprint and Boost services is the My Trainer Rewards program for Pokemon GO players. You go to the website daily to complete tasks like visiting their websites and social media profiles, as well as watching their commercials for points. Once you get enough points, you can trade them in for Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes gift cards, as well as phones (a crapton of points) and even a portable powerpack (partial crapton). The real issue is they’ve been out of gift cards for quite some time. And their support has NO CLUE how to even respond to us when asking, pointing to pages that don’t exist or pages without answers. To make matters worse, there are many of us that could certainly use the Google Play gift card in-game during the current legendary events. It’s frustrating to say the least. My Twitter exchange with Sprint is as follows …

And then tweeted to us, I guess saying the gift cards were back? If so, I didn’t see any. I log in multiple times a day to check. Either way, that tweet.

I can guarantee you that I did not see any cards. But if this user was able to get one, I applaud him. They were added in such short supply that they were gone before I could react and get one, and I’m pretty sure most of the community is in the same boat.

And here’s the DM conversation that was somehow supposed to help me:

This is a seriously flawed marketing scheme that receives no official support from Sprint. Someone who knows something about it should be handling the support, not the general phone and service support accounts that don’t even know how it works. I’m beyond frustrated and wish I had some clue how to proceed.