[Free|Commercial] Child Theme Configurator plugin for WordPress

Jun 7, 2015

That was my exact sentiment just earlier today. I recently purchased for myself a lifetime subscription to TeslaThemes and have been developing a few sites using these themes (my blog included). However, with a couple sites, they only felt about 95% right, and I needed to make some changes. Now, while making these changes might be easy, making the same changes every time there is an update to the theme is tedious work.

I had read many times about child themes and the fact that these themes were the way to go if you wanted to make updates to your theme and still be able to accept updates. For many of us running WordPress, it can be a frightening endeavor, since many of us only have a basic understanding of PHP at best. Even tho, today I decided to Google it and give it a whirl.

However, quickly into my search I realized there was a super easy and efficient way to make child themes without much effort on my part. I installed the free version of Child Theme Configurator and within minutes I was well on my way.

I won’t go into great depth, because their own site has great documentation on how to get started. Essentially, I installed the plugin, went to its settings, chose the theme I wanted to create a child of, and named it. After that I went to the ‘Files’ tab and selected the parent theme’s files that I wanted copied to the child theme. After they were copied I was able to freely make modifications to the theme files, knowing that if I ever upgrade the theme (and TeslaThemes does provide updates), I won’t be stuck doing the same things over and over.

If I wanted to develop the child theme and install it on more WordPress installs, I could do that, as this plugin has the ability to download the installable theme zip from the work that you just did. Overall, it was a pleasant and exciting experience. You don’t have to be a pro to create child themes, just have about 5 minutes to spare.

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