Chaos in Carroll County 2

May 20, 2014

The family and I went on Saturday night to an independent wrestling show, held by ACW and BTW, called Chaos in Carroll County 2. It’s probably the first live event I’ve been to in a decade, and oh how I missed it. We went primarily to get pictures with Jake “the Snake” Roberts, but we also grabbed pictures with Tommy Dreamer and Shane Douglas.  At the end Jake “the Snake” asked everyone to stick around a few minutes, and went into a testimony about how he hit rock bottom and was consumed for so many years by drugs and how DDP saved him and helped him live a healthier lifestyle and keep him clean.  The show was pretty decent overall, and I’m glad we went.

I’d like to hit up some more ACW shows in the future, and maybe even hit up CZW TOD this summer.

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