I find that in my life of IT, amateur website implementation (I’m no developer, but I can make WordPress purr like a kitten), and website collaboration, that a to-do list is a simple yet effective way to keep track of what needs done on a site without having to clutter up my Todoist app. I often find something I’d like to write about, don’t have the time, and add it to the list so I can tackle it later.

Until recently I used a fairly intrusive floating to-do because, well, I found myself too lazy to seek out an alternative. But I found it quite annoying that it floated over my WP Dashboard, rather than integrating directly into it. I finally found the ambition to search out a new to-do plugin, and I’m glad I did. After previewing screenshots and looking at reviews and rating of several plugins, I finally decided to try¬†Cleverness To-Do List.

Cleverness To-Do List has a very clean Dashboard presentation while giving¬†just a few more options on the plugin settings and interface. It allows you to prioritize items as well as keeps track of completed items. You have the ability to turn on categorization (which is definitely more than I need). And it’s a free plugin. It’s brilliantly simple, yet invaluable. I’ve converted my other sites to using it, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to try to stay organized without overdoing things.